What happened in OOTD that made you leave? If you would just like to say that it was personal, I am fine with that answer.

Well, the owner, hjo23, decides to fire me the most rude way. Her, and the other 2 co owners and myself are at another game and she starts saying everything I have done 'wrong'. On the other hand, have basically supported this group the whole way. Ordering logos, ordering runways, handeling aaers, handeling events and more since the owner was inactive.
I got no appreciation about it, and your probably like you should do something even if people don't know you did something good. Okay sure, but this was completely different. I used all my robux on this group, never got paid in this group ONCE. I've seen in audit logs, the other coowners and the owner get money but not me. It's not about the money. It's about how unappreciated I was in this group to the owner. She decided to fire me because I haven't been at the runway enough, meanwhile I was thinking, I handle EVERYTHING. Runways, logos, and events. But no I didn't say anything rude back, and was the bigger person.
There is more about how she fired me but I'd rather not tell it all.
Wow this is long- oopsies 😮

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