Ask @Reindeerice:

What made you want to get into Roblox Fashion?

I enjoy fashion and shopping in rl very much, so it is really enjoyable for me online as well!
I began in the fashion community in a small group, OOTD and stayed there and got up to Co-Owner. Stuff happened, I don't work there anymore but it was a great experience because it was my first ever fashion group, and made tons of friends! During that time while I was working there I was in many other fashion groups, got to experience some pretty cool ranks too! I was in delias for a while, became ATC but I decided to resign from that job since school was getting stressful, etc.
I worked in Unique & Timeless after that, wonderful experiences. I have met so many people throughout the fashion community, and it just the people I have met have drawn me closer to the fashion community everyday.
Currently I don't work in a fashion group, but I plan on working for one again very soon! Not sure which one yet! c:

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