Ask @Reksalya:

Why dont you draw more often?

Well, I work a lot, most of my free time is spent talking to friends, and that I don't really hold a professional interest in it.
It's a hobby, not a habit, and while getting better is most certainly good, being pushed TO get better constantly is a stress that, at my current capabilities and mentality regarding art, makes me not want to do it at all.
IF you wanted something drawn, your real best bet is to ask another who has more free time or will to practice often. If you really want something of mine, fire away a request... And be prepared to wait for a while. I won't forget if you remind me periodically, but do remember that I'm not the fastest person ever.

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if a Katamari Damacy was in you're town rolling up everything what would you do?

One, that's just the name of the game.
The ball is just called a Katamari. *nerd rant over*
Honestly, if it's rolling up EVERYTHING, by that point it's already picking up buildings and skyscrapers. To which human sized objects no longer render, technically making them safe. So probably just enjoying the sight of it.

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