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Do you know how to learn on your own? Or you need someone who will teach you?

I very much prefer learning things on my own, because I can go at my own pace and feel more relaxed.

What colors would you choose to define every season? For me it´d be: Spring-Green, Summer-Blue, Autumn-Orange, Winter-White.

Spring - Pastel Green
Summer - Ocean Blue
Autumn - Gold
Winter - Silver
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How would your superhero costume look like?

I would want my superpower to be invisibility, so I probably wouldn’t need a special costume, but if I had one, it would be something more elegant and graceful than the stereotypical spandex superhero costumes.

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Who pampered you the most when you were a little child?

Definitely my Mom. She has always been very considerate of my extremely introverted personality, and tried her best to help me feel less uncomfortable in social situations. I sometimes think her pampering contributed to my constant struggle with learning how to be independent, though.
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How can I get rid of the everyday hardships?

Maybe first try to stop looking at them as “hardships” and view them as just “experiences.” I’ve discovered that many situations I used to consider “bad” only seemed so because of my attitude toward them. A lot of things we view as hardships actually have hidden gifts or blessings attached to them, we just have to be open to receiving them.
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If you could turn back time, would you do it? Why?

I don’t think I would. There are many things I often wish I could have done differently, but when I take an honest look at the lessons and blessings I’ve gained from those experiences, I’m grateful they happened exactly as they did.
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You're planning a nice dinner party but could only invite 2 people. Who would you invite?

Probably my two younger sisters. It’s been a really long time since just the three of us spent time together.

That awkward moment when?

Your parents/family ask you questions you really don’t want them to know your honest answers to.

Where is your happy space?

My home has always been my sanctuary away from the stressors of the outside world. It’s where I feel most comfortable and completely free to be myself.
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What are you looking forward to about this year the most?

The new season of So You Think You Can Dance! I did ballet for almost 20 years, and I love seeing the phenomenally talented dancers they find every year on the show. 💙

Are you still learning who you are?

Definitely. I think it’s an ongoing process that will never really be “complete.” I know much more about myself than I did, say, 10 years ago, but I’m still learning new things all the time.
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Would you like to play Paintball? I have a bruise on my leg 😊

Sounds painful. Paintball has never seemed like it would be fun to me, and I already bruise easily. 😆
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"Who is your favorite actor?? "

Kaya Scodelario. Primarily for her role as “Effy” in the UK series “Skins,” who is absolutely my favorite female character ever on a TV show. She has very few lines in the beginning of the series, but I love how Kaya has the ability to speak volumes with the subtlest changes in her expressions in this role.

Did you do something for the first time this week? What?

I tried Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Herbal Tea for the first time, because I wanted to find a hot tea for my Keurig that was caffeine free (I usually drink green tea). It tasted okay, but I wasn’t a huge fan. 🤷‍♀️

What can make you a merry person?

Having time by myself or with my husband makes the introvert in me very merry. 💙

What do you think about skateboard or longboard? Can you skate?

I know next-to-nothing about skateboarding. I didn’t even know there was a difference between skateboard and longboard, and had to look it up!

Are you dumb?

I honestly don’t believe anyone is “dumb,” including myself. The definition of intelligence is subjective, and it has endless categories: logical, spatial, linguistic, kinesthetic, emotional, musical, etc. No test can accurately show the full picture of someone’s intelligence, nor does intelligence alone define a person.
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Which Lara Croft —Angeline Jolie or Alicia Vikander?

Alicia Vikander, hands down. Her acting is exceptional, and I’ve had a bit of a girl-crush on her since I first saw her as Ava in Ex Machina. She has a femininity and grace that I find sorely lacking in many current actresses, which she still maintains even in a “strong” female role like Lara Croft.

What concert do you want to go to? ?✌

I would have loved to see Madeon and Porter Robinson’s “Shelter” live tour, but sadly didn’t get the chance. I can only hope they decide to team up again sometime in the future! 🤞🏻

What's your favorite subject at school?

Drafting. I actually wanted to be an architect for a while when I was in school. However, I only really enjoyed the outdated method of designing and drafting blueprints by hand, not using digital methods like AutoCAD, so I decided not to pursue it as a career.

If you could have lunch with ONE person living or dead who would it be and why?

My husband. A one-on-one lunch with anyone else would just give me too much anxiety.

Should school/study hours be moved to the afternoons as you are more awake then?

I don’t think that’s necessarily true for everyone. I tend to be more awake in the mornings, and when I was in school I liked having my afternoons and evenings open for other activities.
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What sites do you use for learning other languages?

I am currently learning Japanese, and I primarily use the Duolingo app. I occasionally do Google searches when I need clarification on grammar rules, but don’t have any specific sites I frequently go to.
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