Dude why you respect girls ?

Girls go through too much shit to be
disrespected. They go through harassment. Can you imagine a bunch of creeps shouting at you like you're some type of dog? They hear what some guys say about them & it makes them wonder if that's all they're worth, just for sexual needs. They go through periods. Can you imagine bleeding out for an entire week? Having to deal with cramps. What sucks is they gotta suffer for not getting pregnant. They go through pregnancy. Can you imagine carrying a baby that's growing inside of you for 9 months? They're helping you create something beautiful, all you had to do was put it in them & they have to do the rest, while you still stay the same & she's going through changes with her body, like gaining weight she doesn't want. They go through child birth. Can you imagine having a 7-10 pound baby come out of you? Having their water break & going into labor & being afraid but at the same time, excited. They're in pain having your child & all you get to do is watch. Girls go through so much, but you know what? They can still walk around with a smile <3

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