What would you do if your girlfriend self harmed ?

If my girlfriend came to me and said she self harmed, I'd take her into the kitchen or somewhere quiet, clean up the blood, kiss her scars bandage her arms. I'd then make her a hot chocolate and get her whatever she wanted. I'd then sit her down on my lap and let her spill it out to me what was bothering her. I'd let her cry on my shoulder if she needed to. I'd kiss her tears away. I'd let her stay at mine just so I could be right by her side and make sure she was okay and safe. I'd run her a bath, pick her up and lead her to the bathroom and put her into the bath and if it was too hot i'd quickly take her back out again and run some cold water in there. I'd then wash her, wash her hair and just be right by her side so nothing bad happened to her. I'd then wrap a towel around her, dry her, give her something of mine to put on and put her into my bed so she was more comfortable. I'd go downstairs and tell my dad what was happening I'd then walk back upstairs and get changed myself, get into bed, wrap my arm around her, tickle her back, stroking her hair I'd cuddle her but if I was cuddling her too tight because of her arms, I'd move away. I'd let her know how beautiful she is to me, I'd kiss her lips and I'd be there for her, I'd be her shoulder to cry on and I'd show her how much I adore her. i would never leave someone in need.