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I've got a girl pregnant what should I do also where is the best place to have sex and best points to do it and what to do during it bro ?

You sound ignorant as fuck. Your first statement was you got a girl pregnant ? Focus on that dude. That girl's world just flipped upside down and you can't even keep your dick in your pants and deal with the situation, what a man you are. Fuck the sex, worry about giving your girl and that baby the best life they could and would ever ask for. That's your baby, you're the daddy, now own up to it.

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Story? :)

Girl : Let's meet up I miss you alot.
Boy: Okay, later babe I'm drinking with my
boys. Lets meet up around 12:00.
Girl: You started drinking again? /:
Boy: Yeah don't worry about me babe, I'll see you later though my phone battery is about to die.
*boy turns phone off* He continues drinking and loses track of time.
At 2:35 he comes home to find his brother
outside panicking.
He says: "A Hospital just called me your girl was shot to death. WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?!"
* boys begins crying and turns phone on* last message from his girl.
1:45: I have been out by your house for a
while now I guess your phone must have died. I'm leaving all I wanted to do was see you, but I hope you're having fun with your friends. Text me when you get home babe.. I Love You.
1:55: babe some guys are following me I'm scared!
2:00: voice mail*
Babe I'm scared some guys are chasing me I don't know what to do.
* Shots go off * Silence..
'Like if you this was sad'

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What do you like to do in your spare time?

Throw lamps at people who need to lighten up
Throw handles at people who need to get a grip
Throw fridges at people who need to chill out
Throw scissors at people who need to cut it out
Throw straws at people who need to suck it up
Throw bridges at people who need to get over it
Throw vacuum cleaners at people who need to suck it up
Throw grenades at people who need to die

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do you like Justin bieber ?

Before you call me a faggot I'm going to explain why I like him because yes I do like Justin Bieber and It's sad how I never see him reported anywhere or on the news of the good things he has done like how he built a school in Guatemala and helped the community or visited the Phillipines to help Typhoon Haiyan victims, but the fabricated and blown out of proportion stories are always up there and media has shown this guy as some horrible person by making a big deal out of every breath he takes, while he's still an immature 19 year old boy trying to find himself in all of this pressure that the entire world gave him. I didn't like him before but I figured out it was only because of the society's view of him and that they made it cool to hate him or love him, and it was more ''cool'' to make fun of him. I've seen now how actually talented he is, his music is inspiring of course but he is also humble, he's a real person who makes mistakes and eventually he WILL learn from them. He's now in a bad place with bad friends, eventually he will figure it out and find himself again, although it will be hard with the media trying to bring him down every day. You can call him a faggot all you want or call me a faggot for liking him but chances are that you're just jealous of his success. Although I make jokes about him from time to time as well, I never forget the fact that he is successful and he has acheived so many goals and that is truly something to respect about him

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