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Any chance of the 3D platformer version of Mudds ever seeing the light of day?

Sure, one day maybe.

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I just played an on-rails shooter on the 3DS. Are they easier to make as opposed to a traditional FPS, like Moon? The frame rate easier to control? Any thing else you can elaborate on in comparison?

The benefits / advantage of developing an on-rails shooter, for the developer, is the fact that you always know where the camera will be facing. This allows you to construct the scenes in ways that focus all resources only in places the camera looks.

Developing a true first-person shooter has to allow for the player to look anywhere they want to, and as such spreads the resources out across the entire scene.

The frame rate should be easier to control with an on-rails shooter because the developer knows where the camera looks for the entire length of the game, and can optimize the game to work through a single perspective.

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Hi Jools, i really love the Dementium series and i got very happy when the HD edition of Dementium 2 come out...but...I want to know if theres plans for Dementium 3 because there is a lot of questions around the history and its a very funny and scary game that we love, I hope theres actually work on

Due to the games ties with the publisher, a Dementium 3 is unlikely.

That's why we're developing Cult County. A fresh new start.

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Your thoughts on the Wii U as a whole?

It is a great console. It has great games. It has great potential. Looking forward to Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

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When will the 1st season of Moon Chronicles end?

There are four episodes in season one. All episodes for season one will be release this year (2014).

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Can you tell us what the basic story of Cult County is, like in a nutshell?

Not yet, sorry.

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So how many episodes are in the 1st season of Cult County?


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So, Moon Chronicles is having its 1st episode release this month? Can you tell us when this month? And what day is your birthday, I heard its this month :)

We originally said March or April, but has it listed as March. Unfortunately, it is looking like April-ish. We're still finishing up Episode 1 now.

My birthday is March 28.

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I always point to Mutant Mudds as the game that showed what's wrong with Steam, with Greenlight fiasco and approving of any publisher-backed game. I think it's getting worse. Do you think Mutant Mudds would have had a better chance if you made it years before and submitted?

Yes, probably. I still don't know why Valve turned it away at first, and then waited a long time to Greenlight it.

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From several articles I've read, I get the sense that those who enjoy working with Nintendo and see success with them are the ones enthusiastic enough make the effort to reach out to them, while the others feel bitter and demand they get DX treatment from the start. Your thoughts?

Yes, I can see that might be the case with some. Some developers may feel intimidated or just not know how to get in contact with them.

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When is your birthday?

March 28.

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Do you enjoy making 8-bit games or the realistic type games like ATV wild ride more?

I prefer creative games, where we create a new worlds and characters, like Mutant Mudds and Treasurenauts.

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Hey! I liked booth Moon and Dementium II. How about the idea of combining the two; an eerie and dark horror game in space, with a bit of Alien and Doom 3 in it too? :)

It is an idea that has crossed my mind too. It would be awesome.

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Is implementing the 3D effect harder in pixel 2D games like Mutant Mudds or in full 3D games like Moon or ATV Wild Ride?

It is about the same, but the advantage with 2D games is that the elements are at set distances.

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Do 3DS dev kits have video output? Can you play games on a TV, do you ever do that just for fun?

No, I don't think they do.

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So Cult County looks like Silent Hill, is the story similar?

No, the story is completely different.

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just letting you know, in tappingo if theres a space with 2 blocks empty and a 1 block on each end and a 1 block on the side you can move the 1 side block into the empty space and then move a 1 block on the end then retract the 1 block on the side it can work. if that made any scence?

OK, thanks. :)

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Does this thing still work or have people stopped asking questions?

Yes, it still works.

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could do a remake of Dementium 1 or 2 for 3ds please

Unlikely, due to ties with SouthPeak.

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Hardware-question regarding Wii U (if you know a answer): can you as a developer controll the "dead zone" on the sticks on the gamepad/controller pro, or is there hardware-limitations, that makes aiming terrible in games like Resident Evil Revelations?

Yes, we can control dead-zones on analog sticks.

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What home menu setup and shop setup do you like more? The 3ds's or PS Vita's

3DS, hands down.

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You guys are gonna work on an extreme sports scooter game???


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Is Global Domination Pro Tour the other new game that you were talking about in your development update posted on your blog?


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So Whats your favorite Resident Evil and Dead Space

RE4 & I have only played DS1.

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Favorite Zelda game?

Link's Awakening DX (GBC).

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