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Which is worst to you the truth or the lie?

A harsh word from a friend is better than a kiss from an enemy.

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I Need Sex if anybody interested let me know

Need verified picture of video to prove you are not a bot or scam. Must be done without filters. Please message me for my application process. I have available appointments next week on Wednesday and Friday from 2pm-3-30pm.
Once again thank you for your interest in smexy time.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

I could never date a Gemini 🤮

I could never date someone who can strip an individual of all the complex faculties and experiences, which made them who they are, for some pseudo-science. Could you imagine if someone you genuinely cared for and were devoted to just rejects you after they find out your date of birth? Imagine this was done after you both released you have numerous common interests, personality/intellect synergy, and/or physical attraction.
Hmm, sounds like sound reasoning to me! 🤣🤣🤣

Nerds are hot 🥵🥸🤓look for brains

Depends on how one defines a nerd. The intangible qualities we claim to desire (if we are being honest) are what helps strengthen the potential "***ship" (whatever it may be).
Just be sure we are all honest about the subconscious physical/mental traits that men and women are typically drawn to. Please know this is a vast generalization that is not factoring the numerous societal/cultural influences.
Happy Hunting Waldo Watchers!

Why do you hold grudges?

Is the 'you' referring to anyone who will answer? The question comes with a premise I can't accept. How can we say we all hold grudges? I can speak for myself that I have my share of unresolved bitterness/grudge/brooding due to betrayal/abuse from individuals I trusted.
The only thing I had to realize is you can be depressed/despairing from the cause of the grudge (or whatever term fits). When you stop associating with them or have to confront them, this isn't bitterness/grudge but a rebuke for wrongdoing and protecting your wellbeing. We all will fail and not be prefect in how to act in a measured response to harmful actions. The best thing to do is daily do some deep self awareness and introspection. Example self assessment questions: "Where have you failed?" or "How you ever been guilty of the same?"
It will be hard and no one will be able to do thing 100% of the time. However, if your goal is to climb to this plateau then just continue to move forward.
The hardest part for me is the inner dichotomy of : a. Not allowing/enabling toxic/harmful behavior and b. Still leaving room in your heart for an opportunity for them to reach out and show, in action, real remorse/repentance. (Careful as you need to be prudent and consider the circumstances.)

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Do you prefer texting or phone calls?

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Phone calls for important matters, resolving disputes, apologies, personal/sensitive matters. Most of us are guilty of incorrectly presuming negative emotions/tones in a text.
Outside of the above reasons, texting/message apps are great.

Don't you know we feel the exact same way

When you say, '...we feel the exact same way' are you speaking from a general standpoint, e.g. we all have emotions/feelings from sensory input/output?
My guess you are just trying to speak to a specific friend or crush. If the first, I would be pleasantly surprised 🙃

Have you ever been to Las Vegas??

Yes, for a conference. Funny thing is I don't gamble or the stereotypical night life. It was for Fortinet Networks 😅🤣🤣
One of the great highlights I can recall was the MAME arcade emulator.

What would make you smile right now?

A sadistic clown would force me to or just cut one on my face. 😅😉🤣🤣

Do you believe the universe can pull two people together?

No, how can a impersonal force act human-like characteristics. Sometimes we try to find the easiest answer for anything that requires deep introspection and analysis. Usually we conflate emotions with a spiritual experience.


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