Ask @Repflez:

May I ask how's the internet as well as the prices in Mexico?

In general the basic packages are 3Mbps/384Kbps at 30 Dollars/month. Is usually bundled with the landline phone (which everyone still has at least one on their homes). The good speeds are reserved for schools or business (20Mbps/10Mbps for 75 USD/month). Way too expensive compared to another countries but the internet in general is stable pretty much all time, the ping is a wildcard because copper cables, there is little to no censorship (Telmex is a bro in that part but shit in almost everything else including tech support) and generally they don't give a fuck if you pirate the latest generic movie #305.
The competition is usually good too but their connections are unstable at times (read 3 times per week) but ping and speeds are greater than Telmex for the same price range.
Here in my city are 2 competitors: MegaCable (Cable TV company) and a local company that offers "first world internet speeds" (40/20 at 35 Dollars/month) but with a sketchy TOS.

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