Why do you keep winding up Rangers fans on Twitter? Doesn't it just pointlessly alienate people who we need onside and who follow you for politics, not football?

This is important. I won't be around forever. One day I'll get fed up or run down by a bus or abducted by aliens or something and there won't be a Wings any more. Between now and then, our job isn't so much to highlight individual lies in newspapers and on TV, but to teach people how to spot them for themselves.
We have to show people not the FACT that the media lies, but the WAYS in which it does it. The misleading headlines, the omitted data, the selective quotes. We have to get readers to learn how to spot what they're NOT being told, and how and where you look to establish the truth.
What's absolutely no use is us teaching people to blindly trust sources that are telling them what they want to hear. We've achieved nothing if all people glean is "Don't trust the Record or the Telegraph, but trust The National or the Sunday Herald".
And what that means to Yes-friendly Rangers fans is accepting the same process in terms of your football club as you do when we talk about Scottish Labour. Never mind what you WANT to believe or what papers tell you - what are the actual iron FACTS?
The SPFL, SFA and press all have a vested interest in the pretence that New Rangers is the same club as the old one - namely the fear that telling the truth and breaking the illusion would cause a disastrous collapse in the Ibrox fanbase, costing them all money - so *without ever actually saying it straight out in black and white* they allow things to happen which give that impression (eg the SPFL website listing the club as having all of Old Rangers' honours).
But if you ask them straight out, you'll never get any of the game's governing bodies to say "Yes, this is the same club" - go on, write them an email yourself and see what happens. The reason they won't do that is because it ISN'T the same club, and it CAN'T POSSIBLY BE.
When fans moan at me, I always ask them two questions, and in two and a half years I've never once had an answer:
(1) If it's the same club, how did it get from the SPL to SFL3 *without* ever being relegated on the field or demoted as a punishment for some misdeed? There was and is no mechanism in the rules of Scottish football for that journey. It simply can't happen.
(2) If it's the same club, why were players allowed to walk away from their contracts when Charles Green formed Sevco?
Fans will try everything to avoid those questions. They'll point to that SPFL website, they'll start talking about Leeds United or quoting irrelevant passages from Lord Nimmo Smith, they'll squirm and wriggle and dodge and bluster, and eventually they'll run away, usually with a departing flurry of abuse. But they have no answer, just like when you ask Scottish Labour about their membership or their hypocrisy over Corporation Tax.
If you accept the principles behind Wings - facts, evidence, reason - you have to accept that they also apply to Rangers. If you don't, we've taught you nothing. And we'll keep hammering that message until it sinks in.

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