Ask @Rhi481213:

What is the best thing about being your age?

Nothing. All you here is...
Oh my days did you hear about that fat ginger girl she got fingerd!
And she got fucked by a year 10
And she got it up the ass
That skinny ugly bitch gave that buck tooth kid head
Oh my that bysexual licked her out
Shes a boyfriend steeler
Hes a player
Hes gay
Shes gay
She cuts
She burns
He gets scuicidal thoughts
She smokes
He smokes weed
She deals crack
He takes crack
She thinks shes fat and burns herself.
There is nothing "good" about being my age
There is nothing "amazingly fantastic" about being my age.

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(1)Sexuality (2)Taken/Single/Its complicated (3) Favourite Band (4) Favourite Food (5) Age (6) Favourite Song (7) Hows your day been (8) Bestfriends (9) People you hate

single pringle
not sure i like pineapples
i have loads of songs i love
alright BBQ and then watertight :)
my bed
'hates a very strong word' i hate people who take the piss out of medical conditions what people look like and people who take the piss out of bullying self harm and cancer sick bastards hope people like them burn and racists

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