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this guy said I don't need to wear so much makeup. do you think he'd like me more if I stopped wearing it? does he find me more attractive without it?

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Do what makes you comfortable don’t let a guy tell you, you don’t need to wear so much. If that’s what makes you feel happy and confident within your self continue wearing as much as you want like damn sis paint that face ❤️
Is it not monstrous, that while horses, birds, and the rest of the animals, spring and bound from the grass and meadows, rejoicing in ornament that is their own, in mane, and natural color, and varied plumage;woman, as if inferior to the brute creation, should think herself so unlovely as to need foreign, and bought, and painted beauty?
- Clement of Alexandria
Forget what this guy think about you! The most important thing is what you think about you and if he doesn't like your makeup.. fuck off stupid boy
Not like you more because he must like or at least find you attractive enough to notice the different levels of makeup you wear😂 unfortunately modern day females cover up their individual natural features and beauty to, in my opinion look the same 🤷‍♂️🙄

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