Ask @Riazshaw:

do you want to date someone then? kesi larki chyeh..😋

Bs untick kr k sawal pucha karay waisee larki chahye 😍♥️😂

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i have a heavy crush on you are you single? what qualities, do you want in your girlfriend

Damn heavy crush 😍... feeling proud. 😎

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why you say yayyy on question black suits you?

I was celebrating your compliment which was for the colour not for me 😂😂..

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Any one intrested to be serious stoner here

Aik dafa mai blood donate krnay gya tha
Nurse asked knsa Blood group hai
After 2 seconds of silence
I took off my shades and looked in her eyes and I said
"Goldleaf Positive" 😎

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What can you promise to your friends?

I can promise them that main unhay zaleel krnay mey koi kasar nahi chorunga martay waqt bhi kalma parh k apnay dost ko bc bol k marunga. Or kahunga biryani khiladay 😂

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What song best describes your day today?

Din start huwa jab
"Aaj blue hai panni panni"
Or phir papers check howay mid exam k marks pta chalay
"Har zulm tera yaad hai bhula to nahi"
Phir gym gya
"Ray Sultan"
Ab sojaonga
"To A raat bhar jayen na ghar" 😎

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