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What’s your reason for being on ask? 😯

To express myself and speak my mind. And it's good because I don't personally know anyone on here irl?

👜 What’s something you collect?

I'm collecting novelty pins atm! I also collect tarot and oracle cards, crystals, scrunchies, and boots 😅

Have you ever won a competition? What did you win? 🍀

I have! I've won trophies, medals, chocolates, certificates, bragging rights, money, tickets to award shows and the movies.. a lot.

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When someone says that something is "personal," what do you think they mean?

It means that they aren't ready to open up and prefer to deal with matters on their own. OR. They don't trust you from a bar of soap. ORRRR. They don't don't want to bother you with the baggage. It all depends on the circumstances really?

Why don't girls like being catcalled when it's a compliment? 🤷

Becauseeeee.. why can't people say it to our face instead of calling out to us from a far for everyone to hear and see? That's embarrassing imo. There's a very thin line between catcalling and complimenting.

Thoughts on dating or being in a relationship with a single parent? Would you personally do it? ☺️🌸

I personally wouldn't. I have nothing against single parents, I just haven't experienced many things in life and want to share myself with someone who is also on the same wavelength as I.

What is your occupation ?💃🏼👮‍♀️👷🏻‍♂️💂🏻‍♀️👨🏻‍🌾🧑🏻‍🍳🧑🏼‍🏫

Freelance musician, sole trader, event manager & creative director for a variety of companies and individuals.

Are you good at holding in someone else's secrets or do you have to tell someone about it immediately?

I used to be bad at keeping secrets but I'm the type to take it to my grave now. I've learned my lesson.
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Do you see marriage and kids in your future? 🤰

I see marriage but not kids. I've repeatedly told my family that I do not want any children. The best they'll get out of me are animal grandchildren.. otherwise ask my other brothers and sisters 🤣

Do you think that males can just be friends with females without having any special feelings?

Yes. I'm an expert at friend zoning my male friends and I tell it to them straight every time because the absence of communication and boundaries leads people into situations they wish they hadn't. It all depends on the individual.

How to tell who is real on this site lots of catfish looking people on here

Look on their profile and who they interact with! Even their answers give away clues that they're bots.

☕️ Do you need caffiene in the morning/throughout the day?

I don't like the taste of coffee.. it leaves a sour aftertaste that I hate.

Does everyone deserve the truth?

I mean.. why hide the truth? There's also a fine line between the truth and an opinion. It's all in the way one conducts themselves.
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