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which touhou girl is better and why it is marisa? :p


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answer 777 get plox

Granted 'cuz it's you! Happy birthday abandoned/ronaef!!!

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💖 I'll be alive as long as I don't disappear from your heart! 💝

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peppy has a shotgun and is on my house, i have a penis who wins start now

here have some pictures of my pokémon games and stuff.
(I forgot pokémon trading card thingie for the gbc)

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I miss streams

stream faster and/or aim better!

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since you doesn't use it anymore, and I ask everybody that you send me to ask, could please, give me this skin?

ask friendok ingame

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Which is your favorite season? Why?

Autumn, because everything is so pretty and the temperature finally drops. Also, winter comes after which means to me that things only get better for me as soon as autumn arrives!

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Think of your favourite anime and swap everyone's gender around. How badly/goodly would this affect the anime?

If the script, story and such still is the same it shouldn't affect it. Perhaps some characters won't fit into their clothes anymore. :p


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Do another leg video. :3


But I don't feel like creating a video.
However, I do have this horrible picture of my legs that I made not too long ago. Was to show someone my new shoes that I ordered from ebay for really cheap.
Yay ebay!

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holy shit more training then i wanna see that

Answering this 1 year old question, it was a reference to

Never uploaded this because too lazy; enjoy.
(Passed it 2014-08-18)

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did u ever do any charity work?

No, I refuse to do any kind of charity.
However, I did give away some shiny pokémon for free to a few friends.

3DS Friend Code: 2895 - 8342 - 1289
Try out your luck and you might just be lucky enough to get a free shiny pokémon or two :p

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What's the thing you say the most?

Oh well..

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What is your favorite song at the moment?

eh.. I have too many songs that I like to be able choose anymore, favorites depend on mood.

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if you were the last female on earth and the last male on earth just died in front of you, would you have sex with their dead body to keep the human race alive?

No, it'd mean I'd have to waste my time raising children instead of wasting my time on playing/raising pokémon

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guess who am I ;) *hugs*

I can tell that you are Yukari because of your rapeface hug combo

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Happy birthday, Rii


thanksu :)

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If layne and snb didn't gift me these gifts, thank you anon!


Happy Birthsdays and Christmashes!


Aww thanks, those flowers are cute

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thanks choco princess ^v^

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have you ever heard of the moonies??

nope, but what a weird name for a church

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What was the last thing you bought?

I bought a few things a few days ago

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Are you cutelittleahri?

I'm sorry for disappointing you, I couldn't be the cute little princess you wanted me to be.

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Do you tend to be a jerk?

All the time

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Press Ctrl+V and post results

I tried to answer this question but I had a query result of 350k rows (2m cells) in my clipboard and it crashed the browser

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If you could eat osu! what would it taste like?

I wouldn't try it.

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I fluently speak English and Dutch.
As job I do programming and dba (database administrator), being the lead programmer and the 2nd in lead dba there.
Main programming language is c# for non-web and for web I use MVC which basically is html with c#. :p‮