Ask @Riievaa:

🌏🌍❤💞💞💞😘😘😘❤❤❤❤ you are my world .... i am soo lucky to have you in my life... no one now can distore this bond in this world... can't imagine my life without are such a sweet soul.... beauty queen....stay in my life forever... never leave me alone...i love u loads and loads....


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I need to tell you that I don't know you I just visited your profile and I find you gorgeous and adorable ❤️ and I don't wanna be a creep like others I just wanted to say I wanna talk to you and yeah one more thing your smile is so contagious that it brought a smile on my face & makes my day 🙈

hey thankss😄💖

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Queen , just wanted to say you're gorgeous and I love your eyes. You're amazing and don't let anyone tell you any different. No this is not an attempt to hit on you, just a way of paying a genuine compliment. I love you for the gem of a person you are. Can we talk maybe if you can spare some time??

That was really sweet, untick? Nd yeah sure we can talk😄💞

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