tbh nice dp

Who dis

Are you and Jonah partying together tonight?


I'd still have sex with you even if you were my brother

Take it down a notch

Do you and Jenna v still talk

Not at all

Pap with Jonah?

Just found out recently him and I are cousins

Do you have volleyball tonight say CNC? I wanna watch


How are Jonah Gilbert and Riley Lindsay so identical looking?

lay off

tbh ur a monkey and ur funny as hell and I love u Griffin Wal

Love you too❤️

Why jr b?

I'm a hockey dropout but hey why not

Jr B hockey hey

Guess we will have to see

party on Saturday(Valentine's day eve)?

I didn't think Valentine's Day had an eve

How tall is Jonah?

Not sure on that one

How tall are you?


With who?


I sucked jonahs dick

Uh oh

tbh: your pretty cool and really chill😌 and from what I've heard your pretty good at vball😇 Caroline Kinnee


Where is your favourite place to be kissed?

under the mistletoe



Pap of texts


tbh we used to be real close, lets chill soon because I miss your mothers hugs Dylan Frankforth

Text me soon 😂

Your dp😍👅

Settle down

Pap with jonah

Fuck you

You and jonah are fucking hot

Why do I get so many of these questions

Tbh: gotta say we got the best looking B team in volleyball and the most skilled also, you're a chill guy and good at volleyball and it should be a good season Braden Dukacz

True thanks buddy see you tonight

You and jonah are literally identical I watched you two play together today



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