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What's your stream settings?

I use pretty standard settings for OBS. Let me know if you need any more detail.
Video Bitrate: 3500
Encoder: x264
Audio Bitrate: 160
Output Resolution: 1280x720
FPS: 60
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You've said "Feint" can be used sometimes on BRD. What about Machinist? Is it a good thing to use... ever?

Feint can be useful on MCH if you ever find yourself needing to move but unable to toggle Gauss Barrel. But Quelling Strikes is also extremely useful in pugs.

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I'm currently switching mains to Machinist any tips for a new comer such as optimum sks, general timing on cd's ect...

I actually don't have any clue what optimal skill speed on MCH might be. It could be 0 extra skill speed, but I cannot say that with certainty.
There are some MCH guides out there that could help you with CD timing. I don't know any of them off hand. Lyra's guide is likely a pretty good source of info if he still has it up. Outside of the opener you'll want to check into info on how to handle each 30s window of time on MCH.
Sorry to not be of more help. I am not very good at providing general info to teach, but I can sometimes answer very specific questions.

Is there anyone you like right now? :O

It's a tough choice between Eru Ray and Moco Scarlet. Σ('◉⌓◉’)

Oh, I found them in your FAQ docs. They are just let you queue up. It seems that a marco cannot let me place turrets directly on the cursor position.

It allows you to place it directly on the cursor position just like not using a macro. You can also set up macros to place it on yourself, your target, etc. But manual placement is usually best.

Could you tell me the macro for the Autoturret you are using(they are on c0 and c- key)? I have to click the mouse on this ability. Thanks!

Oh. Never saw this one. Sorry. it's just a spam macro which can make it easier to place with as little delay as possible. Same as other ground target spam macros.

Are you going for a Bard or MCH BiS (or both?). What do you think of that 396 sks set for MCH ( http://ffxiv.ariyala.com/W5D8)? Currently gunning for this set http://ffxiv.ariyala.com/W28E but I wanna hear your opinion on it. Would you miss the last GCD in the opener WF with sub 400 sks?

I imagine you would miss the last GCD on your wildfires with sub 400 skill speed, but I'm not sure how much that matters. You'd probably have to ask a more dedicated MCH about that. I'm of the opinion that the extra (often unbuffed) split in the Wildfire probably is not worth it vs having a lot more det, but I could be completely incorrect. I have not done any testing.
Given the minimal extra wildfire potency vs more det on every ability + for your turret, the extra skill speed necessary for the split seems like it'd be a wash at best. But again, I have no real scientific testing to back this up. Someone that does a lot more theorycrafting and dummy testing could offer you a better answer.

I built out what I consider to be multipurpose Bard and Machinist gearsets for which all shared pieces share melds and the sets are here: http://ffxiv.ariyala.com/W13V - BRD http://ffxiv.ariyala.com/WIKC - MCH What are your thoughts on the 483sks on MCH - too low?

They seem good to me. I'm not sure how much skill speed matters on MCH. There is merit to getting the extra split in each wildfire, but I am unsure that it's worth the det loss to have enough skill speed to consistently get that split.
Your BRD build is slightly better than the one I've been looking at. Not going to be a noticeable difference, probably. And your MCH build has 50 more skill seed for better or worse. I just plan on trying different things once I'm i270 and changing melds then if necessary.
Thanks for sharing!

My group wants me to get the script gun and I refuse buying such a horrible gun. What should I do? should I get the gun or forget about getting it and get both body and the pants?

If you are still progressing in Creator (savage) I think it's worth getting the gun to benefit the group. Higher DPS is always nice. If you've already cleared A12S then I think you can safely avoid buying the gun and just go for the tome gear that you want for your BiS. :D

In A12S it seems like I see lots of MCH get hit for either 16k or 21k from void of repentance with the same level of buffs or mitigation on. Any insight on why this is? Or is it just lolmchmdef?

MCH magic defense is the same as all of the other physical DPS. The variables could be whether they are soaking the first or second tick and whether they have blood for blood up. I am not aware of anything else that would cause the large damage variance you are seeing.

how big ur donger

AzuLewd’s Profile PhotoAzuma
I currently have the 10th largest donger in the world. I CAN CITE SOURCES! In videogame world at least. If we're talking about real life I am realistically in the 1 - 1.5 billionth range or something. Which is perfectly reasonable, I hope. >____>

When playing MCH, how to do you keep track of your CD blocks when you have to delay them for mechanics? Do you use your CDs as soon as you possibly can, or do you save them for the next 30s block?

It sort of depends on whether you'll get another usage or not by not holding. If you won't get more usage by using said CDs right away then it's better to hold them to align more CDs. You also need to consider if using the CDs misaligned affects things later or if there is downtime to get things synced back up again.

I'm a 227 Mch, and my wildfires are hitting for 8k or so on average. I feel like it should be higher, any advice?

It's difficult to say without knowing you gear, party comp, whether food/pots are used, exactly what you mean by 8k on average, etc. For instance, I may hit a 14k opening Wildfire on a dummy but the one at 90s may only be half of that which would make the average 10-11k.
For the opening wildfire you might consider some of these openers: http://pastebin.com/c3NBvF5w These are ones I use use most often.
After that you may need to look into your buff alignment. Pretty much everything MCH is divided into 30s blocks. You can find information about that as well as many other tips here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/111s5Yr8Jzx8hZtcdouBIRQCZQ53VILNtZ7F3d_qX8ws/edit Aiurily put together a lot of good info and is a much better MCH than I am.
Hopefully some of this information helps. If you are still struggling maybe try recording some pov video and sending it to me or any MCH you trust that has a fair bit of knowledge about the job. Seeing exactly what you are doing can help a lot in determining what suggestions to make.
Good luck!

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When is the timing to switch off minuet expect opener?

Outside of the opener you can turn off WM for movement if you aren't using or don't have the TP to use Feint. Try to ensure your dots will not fall off during this period of movement.
If you have no oGCD it's a DPS gain to turn off WM but only if you get an auto in with each GCD. It is a lot trickier on BRD than MCH because you'll need to turn your turret stance back on a lot more often due to Bloodletter procs, Empyreal Arrow, and Iron Jaws. The auto attack timer on BRD is also longer than MCH. This means the likeliness of landing an auto with each GCD is lower on BRD. You're not likely to see many (maybe not any) Bards stance dancing for autos.
I hope that helps a bit.

Padjali bow or Nidhogg bow?

Both are good. Personally, I'd take the Padjali bow for the skill speed, but it kind of depends on how much skill speed you already have in your build. :)

As a BRD, do you actively try to aim for 700 SkS at all time while gearing up? Since you gear up MCH too, do you set aside a different setup for a "DET over SkS" build? How much am i losing out if I'm capped at 680+ SkS as a BRD and want to put only CRIT and DET in my materia slots, so it helps MCH?

It's not absolutely critical while gearing up. I wouldn't drop ilvls just to meet 700 skill speed. Meeting accuracy cap and having a healthy amount of crit are both much more important.
All of my melds are crit > det because I didn't really want to sacrifice MCH damage to have a little extra skill speed on my BRD. I would guess the BRD build I use isn't necessarily the best if you go by stat weights, but that isn't really anything I'm going to lose sleep over. Unless you only play BRD there probably isn't a reason to consider skill speed melds on the current gear.

Thank you so much Answer! And I want to ask you about the opener wrote, Three types of openers wonder can be applied to advantage in any case. Battle Voice 2s pre-pull is that I don't understand about any situation. I feel like my English lacks and it makes you hard. I'm so sorry :(

The least useful one is probably the BV after 1st GCD. Because while it may benefit BLM slightly it may also be taking away some damage from healers and SMN if they're pre-casting dots. The BV 2s pre-pull option is nice in that it provides 2 more seconds of BV in combat.
In addition, those two options are more flexible with different amount of skill speed. The BV 4s pre-pull opener with the triple buff pre-pull requires more skill speed to execute while getting an Iron Jaws with fully buffed dots. If your skill speed is too low you'll need to Iron Jaws a GCD earlier.

Hello, Thank you for your openers post! And also I wanted to ask you something. Can I use the opening 3.25 ver for the 3.07 AS1?

You can use the 3.25 openers for most encounters that start off single target. Any of those openers along with some other common openers should be fine for A1S. There are plenty of encounters where you'd want to consider openers different from the ones I listed though. Some examples include A2S, A5S, A8S.

Who is your favorite miqo'te with black hair, tan skin and blue eyes that is currently glamoured in the Striped Southern Seas Swimsuit dyed royal blue? Very vague I know, but you MUST pick! :D

I don't like anyone with that description.


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