What do you think is Miss Fortune's in-game character fantasy and how would you connect her thematic identity to her gameply identity? Ashe is the frost archer that slows everything. Graves is the tough, up-in-your-face shotgun brute. Lucian is the nimble gunkata templar.

I generally think of a hybrid between the traditional "dual pistols" archetype and the pirate "blunderbuss" style. Gameplay-wise this translates to Trickshots (Doubleup) and the sheer overwhelming volume and excessive ammo usage often associated with the more modern view of pirates (Make it Rain and Bullet Time).
I don't think she plays up the two shot fantasy much though, which is a good thing since we also have Lucian who fills that role pretty well. If I were to change anything about her gameplay to better match her thematics I would switch up W, might even try something silly like an AS reduction for massive AA strength (reverse Jayce W)

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