Has the team considered a "sacrifice" ability on a champion, like perhaps their ultimate? Examples: a support trades her life to revive a fallen ally, or a tank "kills herself, exploding for X + % of remaining HP as damage". Being dead sucks, sure, but it's in the pursuit of the "team hero" fantasy.

Generally this type of ability is pretty unsatisfying. The noble hero dying to save an ally can be a really cool moment, but by forcing it onto an ultimate you make it the normal play for a champion and remove a lot of the epicness. If you do this "sacrifice yourself" play 3,4,5 or more times a game it ceases being a cool epic moment and just becomes the default play.
The payoff on these abilities additionally needs to be so crazy to overcome that satisfaction gap. Add the power req of an ultimate on top of that and you're setting yourself up for a massive design problem.
There are a ton of other issues you need to resolve such as worrying about using to deny/self execute, limit or reduce trolling opportunities for allies etc. A champion that just blows themselves up all the time is also going to be infuriating to play against, which we'd need to account for. While technically do-able it's not something I'd recommend pursuing.

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Misha Chemey@mdchemey