Hi Brian! I don't know how to ask this without being rude, but... what happened with Mordekaiser's rework? It's not just a power level thing; I mean, how could you play with his "I have more XP than you" mechanic and approve? It seems to be the very definition of "free stats," "no counterplay," etc.

Counterplay is fundamentally about a champion or concept as a package, not an individual element. Yes getting more XP in a duo lane means you'll level faster and Yes levels give players stats. Does this mean Morde has no counterplay?
Absolutely not. Morde has craptons of counterplay. He's short range, zero CC, and essentially no mobility. Morde's historical problem has actually been he's had too much counterplay so we've had to overload him with raw damage values and stats. We pulled back of those stats and values to give us room to give him unique strengths in other areas. Part of the goal of this rework was to keep a lot of these weaknesses but allow us to give him unique strengths in other areas to help overcome these weaknesses (Dragon for seiging for example).
The nerfs we're targeting for Morde this patch also highlight some of his weaknesses to make sure we're granting his opponents sufficient counterplay, especially in lane. We're hitting his armor and sustain pretty hard to better allow champions who are able to harass him a better opportunity to win lane.

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