But why does Riot feel the need to put a three hit (or any hit) passive on so many kits? It's boring and repetitive. Why don't you experiment with other types of stacking mechanisms and auto modifiers? I used to feel like Jax was special with his ult passive...not so much now. It's all so bland.

I think we do experiment with a variety of effect applications (spells, AoE Zones, passives, etc) but it's easy to point out 3-hit passives and say they are all the same. Viktors W is an example of a 3 hit proc but it's tied to an AoE zone instead of AA. Bard is a recent champion who has basic attack modifiers tied to Meeps instead of a hit cadence.
Even within the 3-hit cadence those champions behave differently. Kindred feels different than a traditional 3-hit passive ability due to how her Q and W interact. I think there is definitely more room for experimentation in champion designs but the 3-hit pattern isn't alarming to me, similar to how "enhanced basic attack", or "skill shot" aren't alarming to me as techniques used to deliver an effect, buff, or spell.

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