So, you guys are happy with how the reworked champions are permanently picked or ban even at LCS?

Yes and No. We're generally not happy when any champion is 100% pick/ban in professional play, so on that angle no, we're not super thrilled. On the flip side there some things I'm excited about.
I'm excited to see a lot of the champions that historically have been viewed as never professional viable in pro games, and teams playing around their distinct strengths and weaknesses and the games with these champions are much more dynamic than excited. I'm also excited to see teams go without a Marksman and be able to win and still claim objectives.
Aside from the perma pick/bans I'm also excited by the general champion diversity across world's so far. They've been really fun games to watch, and I'm really excited to see how much closer the games are this season. Professional esports and players/organizations have really improved over the last year.