Maybe I can rephrase (ban question 5%) What I meant is, isn't it frustrating to rework a champion only to see it perma-banned across all elos? I fell like it defeats the purpose of reworking when you want something to be viable, and it's hardly ever used.

Mark Chae
Kinda, it does make it difficult to get feedback on the changes and know how to iterate if the champion is permanently benched. There is also a psychological effect that happens where perception can snowball out of control on how strong a champion is just by a high banrate. Historically we've often seen bans linger on champions way longer than the champion was worth banning. I feel Garen is an example of a champion in that spot currently.
The nice thing is that once a champion stops getting banned as frequently a lot of people try and pick up the champion which does get you, as the designer, a lot of additional feedback and exposure which you can use to make good decisions moving forward.