Thoughts on binding smite to machete allowing the use of another summoner?

We've discussed this approach a number of times (basically every time we've touched the jungle) and it has a lot of complications. The most straightforward issue is if Smite was simply on Machete, everyone would start grabbing machete, 400 Gold Smite? Yes please. Now we have teams able to run 3,4, or 5 smites with basically no tradeoff seems like a really risky design decision.
Early ganks also become cripplingly powerful if junglers are able to start running Ignite, Exhaust or something similar and we can find lanes getting bulldozed over almost immediately. There are a number of other issues that arise depending on the specific implementation but I totally get the desire of wanting to choose two summoners beyond Smite as a jungler. It's possible there is some good solution there but it would cause a pretty large set of changes/rework to the jungler which we're simply not looking to do at this time. We're focusing primarily on other game elements this preseason.

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