Why do i feel like developers don't read feedback from others regions? (not just riot)

The short answer is that it's really difficult to get direct feedback from people when you don't speak the same language. We do have community folks for all regions and languages that do relay feedback back to us but it's not quite the same as hearing the feedback directly. I can read French decently, but can't write it without getting laughed at, so I do check the french forums from time to time but it's much harder for me to engage directly.
In regards to specifically talking directly with and reading comments by English speaking users from other regions we made the forums specifically able to be accessed from all riot regions to address this concern.
Data and Surveys though are collected for all languages and are translated into English so we do get a lot of direct feedback from players internationally it's just not common for us to get direct involvement from forums or community sites as a developer when we can't speak the language.