Why do you think balance has been over all "better" this season than last? Most Worlds are just a handful of picks picked over and over again, while diversity this year has been pretty good. Why do you think it was so bad previously? What was bad then that changed this year?

This is a pretty complex topic that we'll be looking back on to help analyze what worked this season, what didn't, and where we can best focus our efforts moving forward. There are a multitude of factors but I'll toss out the list that come to mind.
- Better raw balance numbers (win rates at high elos are 50%+/- 3ish)
- High priority picks this worlds are in lanes that tend to have the lowest average diversity (Top and Jungle), as a result other lanes with a lot more picks tend to get
- A shift in Champion Update and Live Balance design philosophy in focusing more on buffing strengths and nerfing weaknesses
- More recent champions fulfilling pretty unique strategic spaces
- Professional teams being much closer to one another in skill level. If a lane is equally skilled you try and beat your opponent by picking a lane counter than hoping you can simply out-execute them.
- A lot of shakeup from the juggernaut patch followed with a long break in the professional season so pros could experiment and try new strategies.
There are a lot of additional factors but those are some of the ones I've been thinking about and attributing the diversity to.

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