Can you explain your design goals with the fury mechanic when designing Rumble

When I was designing Rumble the very first thing I designed before any of the abilities was the Heat mechanic. I was really trying to capture the feel of the classic Mech combat style games such as Mechwarrior or Armored Core. This was our first, and most likely only champion in a Mech so I wanted to ensure he felt really unique to play. Those games have these crazy powerful but bulky and difficult to control machines.
Thematically their power isn't gated by cooldowns, or magic, it's gated by the raw materials holding the construct together where you can push it to it's limit to the point where it shuts down if you push it too far. I wanted to reward that push your limits mentality and living in the "Danger Zone" feeling - (to the point where I literally just called it the Danger Zone :D)
The first ability designed after that was the flamethrower and it was designed to be an absurd DPS ability that was gated primarily by the heat mechanic. It actually originated as a toggle ability but we found in playtesting people just left it on and overheated over and over again. I wanted to retain the ability to have it up 100% if you wanted to, hence the Cooldown so when you have 40% CDR it can be used non-stop. I wanted the kit, and the system to work purely off that one primary ability regardless of the other abilities of the kit.
The each button press added 20 heat was actually pretty controllable (in a good way) and gave each button press on the champion a lot of deliberateracy. It was the best way I found to get players to understand, engage, and really "feel" the mech without referencing their energy bar the whole time.
Lastly, there is a delay between button presses where your heat doesn't decay (which is synced up to the W shield cooldown) allowing players a way to maintain their current heat levels. All the cooldowns of the base kit (not ultimate) were entirely based around the timings and tunings that felt right for the heat gains/decay. W on cooldown - retains your level and Q on cooldown will slowly raise your heat values allowing you to enter the danger zone at level 1, or in jungle should you desire.
The bonus damage on overheat was a late addition that resulted from players not doing anything but running away while overheated and feeling generally terrible about their basic attacks. I was opposed to adding it initially but I was pushed by Ezreal to do so as we pretty quickly realized from testing that simply being a relatively squishy melee champion without spells was punishing enough. If someone wants to take that extra layer of risk we should at least give them a small reward for doing so. It led to some pretty fun high moments and all-in plays as well using your last Flamespitter to drop into Overheat and get some nice spike damage in that last 2-3 seconds which we found to be pretty cool.

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