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Subjective question: Who was the first modern champion?

Feral Pony was walking by just now to talk about...

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What are your thoughts on the Ziggs bot lane trend?

All things considered, it’s the sort of thing we’d...

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The way you tag answers with so many different categories on tumblr is so cute.

I know they are wildly inconsistent and that sometimes it's #leagueoflegends and sometimes it's #league of legends. Maybe I should just give up. Clearly I don't know what I'm doing. But I have this dream that at some point the site has 10,000 answers and people might only want to read the ones about squids, or high-level D&D or maya pyramids.

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In my opinion, toxicity became reeeeally big nowadays. WHen Lyte was around, he put more effort to get rid of these players, nowadays it's just seems like you guys don't even fight against toxic behavior.

If one were to take the time to start designing say, a card game, and to start trying to get solid ideas going on the League forum boards... how do you transition that into an application for game design? Slap the cards in the resume? Link some of your successful discussions on the cover letter?

You going to be on radio silence until Jan? Xmas and all that

I have been answering more questions on
I move some of these questions over to there. For this particular answer, I'll probably post some over the break since I'll have plenty of free time for once. It won't be as easy to ask other Rioters when I don't know an answer, which will reduce my ability to address those topics.

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How many competing theories are there answering the question "why don't most players want to support?"

not liking the part where you don't answer questions here anymore.

Based on a lot of feedback, I am shifting answers over to
I'll answer questions there that are posed here however.

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Just because someone is "playing to win" when they want to duo mid or roaming Singed counterjungle support shouldn't put *any* burden of proof/flexibility on the rest of the team. If the rest of the team doesn't think it is acceptable most games, the community has spoken.

I answered this on

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Are you done with, then? Should we be sending all questions to your question tumblr from here on out?

I'll paste answers from or Twitter to the new blog. Feel free to ask wherever you want. I'm not asking everyone to follow me around making new accounts at every social media space. :)

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What is going on with the tumblr? Are you shifting to that from It's tough to keep creating accounts in random places just to have a conversation/ask questions

I'm having some issues with, including players reporting ads when I link to twitter. I'm not closing this account, and if you ask questions here, I'll paste them into the new blog on Tumblr and tweet that shit.

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Hey Riot friends, your flex queue really seems to not have worked... Got some pretty intensely skewed matches today (I'm talking enemy Yasuo getting 350 cs when we had 160).

I can't wait till you're on twitch again I LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE <3

You know how introverted people tend to lose energy to social interactions and extroverted people tend to gain energy from social interactions? I gain a great deal of energy from player interactions. It is, from a selfish point of view, why I prioritize it so highly.

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You like making changes not because it's better for the community, but because of the sake of changing stuffs. You don't ask the community if they want it, you just give us even tho we don't like it. Why?

I answered this just now on Not yet sure how to provide a direct link to that specific question.

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Did you know Zileas during your tenure at Blizzard

Cross posted from
Yes. We didn’t overlap at Blizzard (even though he even worked on WoW), but we knew the same people and showed up at parties together. He seemed like a smart dude, but I wasn’t that impressed with LoL in the early days. It just seemed like a DOTA clone to me. As I watched LoL grow and grow I realized maybe I had been hasty and there was something really resonating with players and I needed to take a closer look at LoL and Riot. Needless to say, I liked what I saw.
I like working for Zileas a lot. He gives me a lot of latitude, but doesn’t let me get away with bullshit or bad ideas either. I try to lead using a similar philosophy.

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When will you be doing your monthly appearance on League's twitch channel? I haven't been able to keep up with who shows up when due to school, but we have a break soon and I'd like to tune in for discussions.

It is scheduled for this week, Thr Nov 17 at 5 PST.

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Can you talk a bit about this : ?

The report says that "Playing Singed Support isn't inherently bannable," and I not only agree with, but I try and champion that philosophy. Which champion gets played in which position should largely be up to players.
The problem this player got into was that more than one player who was on the Singed's team didn't understand what he or she was doing and there seemed to be a lack of communication. Was Singed claiming Support but playing Jungle? Why did he choose Smite? What was with the Warding?
The issue here is how the Singed is playing, not which champion he or she chose.
I also want to caveat that I wasn't there, I didn't review the reports, and I'm not trying to second guess the players that did the report or the Rioter who followed up on it.
My main point in answering this question is that you should be able to play whatever champion you want. Your team is within their rights to ask "Um, that's an unusual choice. What is your thought process here?" Your answer may be "Don't worry, I got this." Your answer may be "Yo, I'm just experimenting. Hope we don't lose lol." You might get different reactions based on your answer. :)

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If you have no REAL experience in a game studio, but have spent a lot of time trying to understand the game’s design and wish you could contribute, is there any way to PenPal it up with a Rioter to see how useful you might be to the team? How does one get the experience to join in the rework squad?

Thomas Jones
The pen pal approach doesn't work so well just because the developers end up in a situation where they can be inundated by well-meaning and passionate people who want to get into the game industry. My strategy is to try and communicate in such a way that it frequently reaches many players at once. That is much more efficient than a thousand one-on-one conversations.
My very general advice for someone trying to break into the industry, is something like this, in rough level of value:
1) Design and ship a game on your own or with a small team.
2) Design a game on your own, even if it never reaches other players.
3) Become a thought leader in the community, though streaming, blogging, smart commentary or so on.
4) Be really good at analysis in a way that is going to distinguish your cover letter from the dozens of others we receive every day.

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Would you call League an MMO since technically it's multiplayer is pretty big

No, for the simple reason that making that claim ends up requiring a lot of debating and arguing your point, which I'm not sure is worth the benefit of championing a technicality. I feel for a lot of people that MMO implies a lot of players able to engage at one time (say gathering in one location for instance) and maybe even a concept of a persistent world.

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You mentioned that it wouldn't hurt for you to ask your old Blizzard colleagues for context on stuff but do any of them ask you for context for League stuff if they play at all


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hi Mr.Ghostcrawler, how do you think is the general feedback about the removal of normal draft? Do you think it would help to show players a graph or something, which says, x percentage of players play draft x play blind in your region, therefore draft gets removed? something easy to understand

In my experience, when players have a strong opinion about a thing that showing data really doesn't provide much to the argument. It just turns into a discussion about how the data is wrong or we interpreted it poorly or so on. I'd rather have the discussion about what the players needs are.
From our perspective, the state of Normal Draft was that it was healthy in some regions (including NA), unhealthy in other regions (including Latin America) and had never been turned on in other regions (including Japan). We spent a lot of 2016 (and will spend a lot of 2017) trying to improve Ranked champ select. We'd like to take those learnings and improve Normal champ select.

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Went in flex queue games today, lost all 5 so hard. Like I can't describe how how hard. Enemies going legendary when we dont even have a 2nd item. Really bad matchmaking or really bad luck?

Since we are in between seasons, there was an MMR reset. It's possible you ended up with a mix of skill levels in your games. It will get sorted out pretty quickly as players play.

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HIstorically, Riot has tended to ignore the Rule 34 community. Do you know of any plans to bring attention to this often ignored side of the fan-art community?

Oh lord, this is a really tricky space.
On the one hand, I don't feel like I am in a position to judge what kind of art other people like. I don't think anyone at Riot would feel like that's their call to make. Whatever your personal thing is, I think that's awesome, and one of the better aspects of the internet is the ability to find like-minded individuals.
But there is a narrow line between celebrating art (or lifestyle) and laughing at the art (or lifestyle), and with Rule 34, it's often difficult to tell whether the piece is meant to be taken seriously or laughed at, or is intended to be celebratory or offensive. And just because the artist had one intention doesn't mean that viewers might not come up with a different reaction. There are certainly aspects of pornography that make a lot of people uncomfortable, and I think its fair to say that some of it reaches the point of being objectionable when it feels like women (or any other group, but often women) are being objectified or abused or worse.
We have to weigh all of that when we consider whether to draw attention to or just quietly let the Rule 34 community just kind of do its own thing. Even this answer has been a tricky thing to write. :)

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you never answer my question fuck u

It may be just me, but I don't think that particular tactic will get me to answer your question.

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