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Are you guys considering buffing adc's at all? A few pro players have recently said that marksmen might disappear from the meta if any nerfs come after the Sivir nerf. And is this the direction riot wants to go with a new meta with no marksmen?

I think it's weird that there is one class that you have to bring no matter what. Long term, I'd love to see a game where ADCs didn't feel mandatory. Short-term, we aren't trying to push them out of existence, and I'd be pretty surprised if that happened. Even in my long term case we would want them to feel visble, just not mandatory. You're talking about them not getting played at all, which honestly I don't think is likely.
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The way you tag answers with so many different categories on tumblr is so cute.

I know they are wildly inconsistent and that sometimes it's #leagueoflegends and sometimes it's #league of legends. Maybe I should just give up. Clearly I don't know what I'm doing. But I have this dream that at some point the site has 10,000 answers and people might only want to read the ones about squids, or high-level D&D or maya pyramids.

You going to be on radio silence until Jan? Xmas and all that

I have been answering more questions on http://askghostcrawler.tumblr.com/
I move some of these questions over to there. For this particular answer, I'll probably post some over the break since I'll have plenty of free time for once. It won't be as easy to ask other Rioters when I don't know an answer, which will reduce my ability to address those topics.

Just because someone is "playing to win" when they want to duo mid or roaming Singed counterjungle support shouldn't put *any* burden of proof/flexibility on the rest of the team. If the rest of the team doesn't think it is acceptable most games, the community has spoken.

I answered this on askghostcrawler.tumblr.com

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