Hey Ghostcrawler, loved your work in WoW and happy to see you in another game I love doing great work. My question is this, are we ever going to see consumable items that impact the game more. For instance some friends and I think Smoke from DOTA or something like it would bring a great dimension.

We discuss this kind of thing a lot. We have some ideas for more crazy items, including consumables, that really inform different strategies. On the other hand, we have a lot of active items now, and while most of them tend to be more tactical (say team-fight focused) than strategic (giving you new ways to approach objectives), we also see a lot of players (remarkably, even high elo) forget to use the active. Before we went crazy with consumables, we'd want to have confidence that players don't already have too many decisions to manage.
This is boiling things down too much, but in the interest of keeping the answer reasonably short, there are kind of two extreme philosophies here. One is that items should pretty much just be stat benefits for earning gold. That is, gold is the main manifestation of skill in the game, and items should let you leverage your skill.
The other extreme is that items should all be interesting choices and that someone who is really good at picking and using the right consumable could make up for a significant deficit in say team gold or number of turrets killed or whatever.
It's an interesting discussion we'd like to see players explore more.

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