What are your thoughts on design following the meta? For example creating new ad carries that are made to have a support with them reinforces the meta of having an adc and support duo, rather than opening the opportunity that support can go other lanes. Or that the team has to have a jungle, etc.

We think the game is pretty stable with a 112J laning pattern (one champ in each of two lanes, two champs in one lane with one not focused on cs, and a jungler). In the past when other patterns have emerged, they generally feel like BS, and we don't know if the bang for the buck is really there in supporting say a double jungle or no jungle option. If players develop an alternative that feels healthy, then awesome. We won't smack that down.
However, we are interested in promoting which type of champ can play each lane rather than the traditional fighter = top, mage = mid, marksman = bottom.