Will you try to add new items specifically for ADC's, that cant be abused by others (runnans only range). So items that help adc's so we can stop fighting with swords. If you cant answer that question because your working on it then answer this. Do you like puppies?

The hope is that we can target ADCs with the item changes without worrying that someone else may use the items.
Philosophically, League was originally designed with the intent that items would be relatively flexible and there would be lots of options for every champion. Overall, I'd argue that fantasy really hasn't manifested and with a couple of cool exceptions, accepted build orders are a thing and there isn't a ton of experimentation (unless we change an item or make a new one). That's a long winded way of saying we are okay sacrificing the notion that any champion can use any item so that we can provide some real choices of items for a given champion (without causing a bunch of balance problems when an unintended champion takes the item).
Another way to put it is in the stack rank of what we value:
1) Relatively balanced game.
2) Champions who can make some choices about which items to build.
3) Champions can use just about any item.

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