HIstorically, Riot has tended to ignore the Rule 34 community. Do you know of any plans to bring attention to this often ignored side of the fan-art community?

Oh lord, this is a really tricky space.
On the one hand, I don't feel like I am in a position to judge what kind of art other people like. I don't think anyone at Riot would feel like that's their call to make. Whatever your personal thing is, I think that's awesome, and one of the better aspects of the internet is the ability to find like-minded individuals.
But there is a narrow line between celebrating art (or lifestyle) and laughing at the art (or lifestyle), and with Rule 34, it's often difficult to tell whether the piece is meant to be taken seriously or laughed at, or is intended to be celebratory or offensive. And just because the artist had one intention doesn't mean that viewers might not come up with a different reaction. There are certainly aspects of pornography that make a lot of people uncomfortable, and I think its fair to say that some of it reaches the point of being objectionable when it feels like women (or any other group, but often women) are being objectified or abused or worse.
We have to weigh all of that when we consider whether to draw attention to or just quietly let the Rule 34 community just kind of do its own thing. Even this answer has been a tricky thing to write. :)

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