Can you talk a bit about this : ?

The report says that "Playing Singed Support isn't inherently bannable," and I not only agree with, but I try and champion that philosophy. Which champion gets played in which position should largely be up to players.
The problem this player got into was that more than one player who was on the Singed's team didn't understand what he or she was doing and there seemed to be a lack of communication. Was Singed claiming Support but playing Jungle? Why did he choose Smite? What was with the Warding?
The issue here is how the Singed is playing, not which champion he or she chose.
I also want to caveat that I wasn't there, I didn't review the reports, and I'm not trying to second guess the players that did the report or the Rioter who followed up on it.
My main point in answering this question is that you should be able to play whatever champion you want. Your team is within their rights to ask "Um, that's an unusual choice. What is your thought process here?" Your answer may be "Don't worry, I got this." Your answer may be "Yo, I'm just experimenting. Hope we don't lose lol." You might get different reactions based on your answer. :)

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