If you were challenged to have one of the most grimdark characters face one of the most upbeat/lighthearted characters, what kind of story would you write?

Off the top of my head, so sloppy pitch warning: Nocturne torments Lux with nightmares of her power becoming unleashed. Some nights it causes the devastation of all Demacia. Other nights, her nightmares focus on all Demacia turning on her, imprisoning her, and putting her to death. At her public execution, jeers all around, her brother, Garen, swings the fatal blow, a look of disappointment in her etched on his face. Each night it gets worse. In her sleep-deprived days, Lux starts to withdraw from everyone, even her brother.
And I'll stop there because I'm now pondering writing an actual outline for this. Cheers!

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