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Noticed there's a risk/reward paradigm with Kindred. They are bad duelists early, which makes them susceptible to counter jungling and weak invaders but you have to invade to get stacks off non-skuttler camps. If Kindred gets shut down early, do they have the ability to capitalize on that passive?

B Sweeney
Honestly, probably not as much. Kindred is a fairly high variance jungler. That said, we've seen in playtests that your options to fall back and play for assists during teamfights (to pick up hunts off champions) are good. In general, if you are stronger than the enemy jungler AND the kit rewards you for going into their jungle, that is a recipe for a really frustrating experience for the enemy jungler. If you are weaker than the enemy jungler, but you can escape, be tricky, race them to marked camps the game gets a lot more interesting. They know that in a heads-up fight they are likely to win, and you start thinking about how to get around them.

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So is Q an auto attack modifier or not? me and a friend wondered and how it would interact with Runaans, speaking off, will Wolf attack the main target with Runaans, or will he spasm between all targets hit?

Q is not an auto-attack modifier, it is a spell. That means it doesn't apply on-hits or benefit for Runaan's hurricane. The spell is mostly intended to be a good skirmishing tool early and the game and provide decent jungle clear and then become more of a mobility tool later in the game. This is so your auto attacks can be emphasized more. Allowing the Q to apply on-hits would mean substantially nerfing the passive damage, which weakens a lot of the characters' drive to pursue the marked targets and makes that whole game less fun and rewarding. I really wanted to make the passive important and rewarding since it occupies a lot of what you think about as the Kindred player. There are a lot of tweaks we could make to the kit that would move power away from the passive, but I felt like doing those makes it difficult for us to make good on the promise that the passive makes. I feel like the passive basically says "Hey, if you can get a ton of stacks you will be really strong" but that can only be true as long as the passive is a primary damage source.
Speaking of Runaan's, Wolf should stick on your primary target.

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What challenges does Kindred bring for current junglers (ie. how do they differ with their strengths/weaknesses compared to the current standard junglers)?

Compared to standard meta junglers Kindred is lower on base stats and has less immediate dueling power. Their clear is really safe (very high health) but not incredibly fast. Most importantly, their late-game potential is much higher but accessing that potential means making risky plays to get passive stacks throughout the game.

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