Noticed there's a risk/reward paradigm with Kindred. They are bad duelists early, which makes them susceptible to counter jungling and weak invaders but you have to invade to get stacks off non-skuttler camps. If Kindred gets shut down early, do they have the ability to capitalize on that passive?

B Sweeney
Honestly, probably not as much. Kindred is a fairly high variance jungler. That said, we've seen in playtests that your options to fall back and play for assists during teamfights (to pick up hunts off champions) are good. In general, if you are stronger than the enemy jungler AND the kit rewards you for going into their jungle, that is a recipe for a really frustrating experience for the enemy jungler. If you are weaker than the enemy jungler, but you can escape, be tricky, race them to marked camps the game gets a lot more interesting. They know that in a heads-up fight they are likely to win, and you start thinking about how to get around them.

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