So is Q an auto attack modifier or not? me and a friend wondered and how it would interact with Runaans, speaking off, will Wolf attack the main target with Runaans, or will he spasm between all targets hit?

Q is not an auto-attack modifier, it is a spell. That means it doesn't apply on-hits or benefit for Runaan's hurricane. The spell is mostly intended to be a good skirmishing tool early and the game and provide decent jungle clear and then become more of a mobility tool later in the game. This is so your auto attacks can be emphasized more. Allowing the Q to apply on-hits would mean substantially nerfing the passive damage, which weakens a lot of the characters' drive to pursue the marked targets and makes that whole game less fun and rewarding. I really wanted to make the passive important and rewarding since it occupies a lot of what you think about as the Kindred player. There are a lot of tweaks we could make to the kit that would move power away from the passive, but I felt like doing those makes it difficult for us to make good on the promise that the passive makes. I feel like the passive basically says "Hey, if you can get a ton of stacks you will be really strong" but that can only be true as long as the passive is a primary damage source.
Speaking of Runaan's, Wolf should stick on your primary target.

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