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Is there a girl that you truely want but know you cant have? If so whats her name?

I ain't thinkin about these hoes I'm tryin to work on my shit
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Give me ur number u can find out who it is.... here is a hint for u I look down ur shirt to see ur tat wen u 1st got it in high skool


I thought u like me in high school .....u ask me out in 10th grade bt I said no cuz I was scared dat we wouldnt work out :[

Who dis

There are days when i wish you and I could make up and just be friends. Why can't we just be friends? Why don't you wanna see me happy?

Who this?

What are some reasons why you wouldnt date a female?

Smoking cigarettes & not loyal , rat ,kids not knowing what she want bullshiter!


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