Ask @RiptClem:

Alright fine, why are you associating with ayla? Like ew

Because why not she's a human being who is also my best friend. Why shouldn't I associate my self with her? Yeah she's got mental illnesses but that's all the more reason to like her, it's also a reason to back her up. Do you think bullying is a way to cure all that stuff? Do you not stop and wonder what would happen if you were in that same position? Of course you don't I bet you think you're really intelligent doing it, truth is it's not. Every time I hear someone pick on Ayla I say to myself "oh how original, no ones thought of that before!" Then I laugh my arse off! It's all the same thing every time, at least come up with something original! Again how intelligent is that? Not at all, it's about as intelligent as someone who bullies someone for their mental illnesses! Oh wait that's you...

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Alright fine why are you associating with ayla Like ew