Not sure if you remember but NeverDie was black. I'd also say Silynn and Horo are also black because of all the stuff they stole in ppv1. Just wanted to let you know there were top black American players in all ranking systems of the game (score, ppv1, and ppv2).

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Wow, I totally forgot about NeverDie!
Also, Silynn and Horo are the true gangstas who dominated buttholes before ppv2. Nowadays, there is a new pimp in THE GAME. Legends call him Adam Jones but we just call him Kaoru, the pp collector. You fuck with his rep, you get fucked. That new kid named Xilver15 thought that he had it all good...until he got fucked. Now he regrets ever fucking with THE LEGEND. It got to the point that he had to remove the 15 out of his name as an attempt to cover his old identify. He is now known as Xilver, son of the TRUE SILVER GOD named HDHR. He is destined to defeat THE LEGEND and take his rightful throne as the new number #1 pimp dog of america. Woof motherfucker...
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How should one deal with loneliness and social anxiety?

I'll be honest. I have not experienced with true loneliness so I would not be able to give you proper advice on the matter. I do however have a best friend (who is actually the person who I started our Indie Studios with) who actually has experienced REAL loneliness so maybe it would be best if you talk to him about it. If you need a way to contact him, please PM me and i will give you his information.
As for social anxiety, there are ways to get through that. However, I still highly would suggest that you talk with my friend about your problem. He would give you a way better feedback than I ever could.
Please consider if this is a serious.

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could i get u to give me some tips as to what to do next as i feel like i hit a wall in my progression for the first time in these 4ish months that ive been playing osu?

Based on your performances, it seems like you are still improving lol
In your case, just continue playing the way you are playing now. My advice is to improve your accuracy on your recent scores every few days or so just to ensure that you are actually improving while also playing other maps as well. Also, make it a goal to get to 98% overall accuracy by only playing 4-4.5 star maps on OD8. Once you accomplish that goal, the next step is trying to maintain that 98%+ average until it becomes second nature. Be sure to only stick with no mod for a while as well.

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How do you deal with the lame haters?

By realizing that you will always have haters no matter what you do. You might as well cherish it.
Now if you have more haters than supporters, then there is something about you that most people don't like (although this could vary depending on where you live). You can easily find out those reasons by simply asking them in a professional matter and listening to them. Then you decide on your own if you want to apply those changes or not. Never be aggressive or become defensive to your haters or you will lose.

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Heya, I was wondering if you could evaluate me as a player and could give me any tips on improving? :D

I do not evaluate players anymore. I am sorry :)
As for tips for you: Stop playing with mods. Stick with no mod for a few months and practice good accuracy on the lower difficulties first (Normal and Hard mainly). Your performance shows that you are not ready for insane difficulties yet.
Gain better accuracy first with no mod on normal, then move up. Don't try to rush things or else in the long run, you will develop a ton of bad habits and you're going to be wondering why you're not improving. I hope this helps.

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