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"Порой нужно пройти все степени отчаяния, чтобы заслужить своё право на безразличие".Случалось ли так, что вы стали безразличны к тому, что было так важно ранее?Как именно и по какой причине это произошло,если да?Если нет,то хотели бы всё воспринимать отстраненно?Безразличие это сила или нечто иное?

prostushka1988’s Profile PhotoRavena
Скорее не к чему, а к кому. Если цветок долго не поливать, то он просто засохнет. Так и в этой жизненной ситуации. Терпение рано или поздно, лопается и даже самые терпеливые невыдерживают. Всё хорошо до определённого момента, до той черты, которую переступив, обратной дороги нет. Сколько не извиняйся, не проси прощения, уже без толку. То что было, уже не вернуть и нет в этом смысла. Эти все пустые игры, которые только заполняют пустоту, не ведут никуда. Даже ироночно, ведь раньше этого было достаточно чтобы вкладываться и отдаваться на все сто, а в замен получать плевки душу.
Это должно было случится, чтобы понять, свою энергию лучше сохранить для кого-то стоящего. Наконец-то можно отпустить, не беспокоится и относится безразлично. Больше не нужно строить "идеал", можно просто быть собой и не бояться подниматься наверх. Знать, что тебя никто не осудит и если даже осудит, то будет всё равно. Человек становится сильнее. Безразличие даёт отвагу идти вперёд. Это чувство помогает скопить силы, которые долго высасывались из сосуда и разрешает отпустить, оставив всю чернь позади.

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Hello! Tell me something fun about yourself ☺️

My name is Stefanija but everyone calls me Stef.
I used to live in Scotland for half a year.
I have applied for Green card lottery but didn't win.
Travelling is my passion. I have been to quite a few countries in Europe and just a few in Africa as well.
I adore animals that's why I like going to the farms, theme parks and aquariums. It would be lovely to have a pet as soon as I can.
I do read. Currently, I am reading Admissions by Henry Marsh. My favourite genres are sci-fi and real life stories.
Sport is always a part of my life.I used to be in volleyball team for 4 years. At this moment, I am trying to get back to tennis.
I am atheist but I do believe in possible power/energy.
I don't smoke and I'll never do drugs. However,I do attend poker nights with my friends. Bingo is always nice as well.
At the end, I am a family orientated person and I can't wait to ride a horse

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Hello Tell me something fun about yourself

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Is education in the university free in your country or you have to pay for it? 🤔

wenii313’s Profile PhotoВ. Светославова IYI
Pretty much all of the higher education in the UK is chargeable. The only exemption is Scotland which provide free education for Scottish and Republic of Ireland citizens. Other than that, university fees can vary between £3,000 to £9,000 a year(not including Oxford or Cambridge universities).

How to kick out someone who lives in your house and doesn't want to pay the rent and doesn't want to leave?

I would recommend to warn that 'someone'. Not in person, but try to send an email(just in case you will be asked for a proof). If nothing happens, then you being a landlord can report this issue to the local council. In worth case scenario, police would be the best option.

Ah yes, my apologies Fantana, it must have been the way i worded it. Not to worry! I am glad you feel at ease my wonderful Latvian friend! Being an animal lover is a bonus, and can settle any nerves very quickly! Do you considr yourself to be an animal lover? It is all a question of desire and passi

I think flora and fauna make us feel at ease no matter what. It is always nice to go out and connect with nature. What I realised, most of the time, animals make us feel at ease. They take all the pain and sorrow away but give peace in return. That's why I love animals. I can not understand how someone can hate these little and not so much adorable creatures. Feels like these individuals don't fancy humans either. By the way,I am planning on going to the local farm sometime soon. I have been putting it off for a long time so finally, I'll be able to be around them out on a field:)
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If you could travel at this moment, where would you go?

inesiukx’s Profile PhotoInesa Strielčiūnaitė
Definitely Sri Lanka! Lately, I've been getting obsessed a lot about the place. I am just in love with the nature over there. To add, they also have a great variety of unusual fruits and vegetables which makes you crave immediately so it's impossible to stay away. Not to forget about the animals. Elephants are all over there place. On top of that, cheeky monkey are running around and you can go on watch whales hunt!! Also, I have never seen a tuk tuk(local mini cars)in real life so it would be amazing to have a look and have a ride as well. Not to forget, it's an island so the ocean is all around you and you can go for a swim in warm and firm waters. Last, but not least is the culture. All the glorious temples that have been built centuries ago are reserved and waiting for newcomers to open the love message with their souls.
I personally think Sri Lanka got it all. All that's left is to see it ourselves.

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If you could travel at this moment where would you go

Whats been your least favourite job you've had?

My life motto is always try to do what you like&love what you do. Nevertheless, I would mention my job as a room checker(housekeeping). The colleagues and the management was not the best. The job itself was quite physical and hard to complete. I was always knackered by the end of my shift. On top of that, there was not any career movement as well as not so much of a motivation to progress and achieve better results, which is essential for me. Additionally, I did not see any guests at all and as I am a bubbly person, it put me off a lot. But most importantly, I just did not want to come back to the place next morning, even though the hotel was 4-star exquisite one. As they say, it's not the place, but the people who play the major part.
Whats been your least favourite job youve had

why doesn't the block button work on here? cause im fed up with the bullies keep commenting on my stuff i have the freedom to ask whatever i want as long as im being kind and sticking up for myself u don't have to answer my shoutouts if you're gonna be a whining loser about them

nicoledriver014003’s Profile PhotoIgmsGaming
I am so sorry you are experiencing all this negativity. There are quite a few bullies on here, as they are everywhere else, even in real life. Bullies always been and will be part of society and you can not escape it. It is horrible and would be great if we could minimize their numbers, but it’s life. If you can not block them, just do not pay attention and move on. It is good to remember, YOU are deciding whether to see beauty or ugliness of this world.

Have you got any piercings ?

I had my ears pierced twice due to infection(thankfully,second time was more successful) and I did have my nose pierced when I was 13(without my parents knowledge😈) but then I took it out and went on holiday to Tenerife. When I got back, I could not put it back in. Haven't had any since then..but the idea of having a new one crosses my mind quite often
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Lol. I'm from Texas, hate to say this but a lot of Texans sadly dislike many Europeans:(

Oh I have been told people are warm and open over there. My dad used to live there for a few months and he liked it there. Do you know why it is that way? Even if you think about it, people who live in a hot climate tend to lean towards the communication with others. Also, they send positive vibes as well. At least, that's what I felt being around them. In any case, I would like to visit Texas for a few days and explore the culture.
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I have never, ever heard of farming channels before.😅 It's good that you find such videos calming, and get some education from his videos too 🙂

There are plenty of them out there. I was not even surprised as you can find anything nowadays. By the way, there are a few about horses specifically. People show how they look after them, share various dressage techniques and even what supplements are the best for your horse.
+1 answer in: “Do you have a guilty pleasure youtuber you watch? Who is it? (If you don't, ignore this question) 😊”

Do you have a guilty pleasure youtuber you watch? Who is it? (If you don't, ignore this question) 😊

I have recently discovered a farm channel which I can not stop watching. I have never done farming myself but I've always found it fascinating and peaceful. Even though, it's a hard work. Guy's name is Tom Pemberton and he is quite positive and open. Gives decent advice and you just can't help falling in love with the farm. He also tells about the future plans and it's pretty much like a farm reality show. On top of that, the farm he's got was inherited by him from his granddad. He and his dad help each other out. However, it was originally set up as a farm in 1817 so you can imagine how many years it's been owned by the same family. I just like the stories like that and wish I had a life like him one day.
https://youtu.be/wyzkpCdNRjcRisingofhappiness’s Video 165122238529 wyzkpCdNRjcRisingofhappiness’s Video 165122238529 wyzkpCdNRjc
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Favourite football team?

l_bullock’s Profile PhotoLuke Bullock
I support Newport County A.F.C. They are in football league two. I can't wait for fans to be allowed back to the pitch. It's a shame I didn't not manage to see them in real. Been trying to have a sneak peek for the last 2 years. Nevertheless, I am always following the score and reading all the news. By the looks of it, they might move the remaining games from Rodney Parade(where they usually play). See how it goes from there. UTC <3
Favourite football team

Makes me laugh when people answer decent questions extremely blunt. I mean I get we all get weird questions, but the decent ones? What’s the point in being on this app if you’re not going to answer properly, it’s futile. People who can’t hold a conversation are boring, and a waste of time.

I feel you on that one. It's disappointing when people don't want to put in just a little bit of effort to answer properly. Looks like they don't really care. Not sure if they even process their actions while they're giving answers. My opinion is that you need to have a bit of a life experience before coming on here. Otherwise, it will lead to plenty of no sense answers. Sometimes it's definitely better to keep quite than spread nonsense.
But good thing is there are still a few individuals who try to do their best and share their thoughts with us. While they are here, it will always worth opening the app to finally dive in someone else's mind&imagination.

Catching Covid is a MUCH bigger risk to your unborn child than having a vaccination is.

I am sure by the time when I will have a child the virus will be on the same level as flu with various treatment opportunities. The priority is to be able to give birth myself. I don't really like when someone is taking any opportunities from me. The whole idea is to increase them throughout the life not decrease.
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What should be made free that you currently have to pay for?

It should be hygiene necessities such as pads, tampons or even menstrual cups. These are vital tools in women lifestyle and they definitely need to be available to everyone. Especially to those, who can't afford it. Recently, I watched a documentary about menstruation in India and I was shocked that many women didn't know that pads existed as they just used towels. This needs to change!

What's your favorite perfume?

hasahd611998’s Profile PhotoYasser| ياسر
One of my new favourites is Malabah (Pehnaligon's) It has got citrus in main accords, as well as warm spice and a bit of wood which makes it a perfect perfume. To be honest, it is not easy to find this sort of combination at all. Although, I do like Funny (Moschino) and Light Blue (DOLCE & GABBANA)
Whats your favorite perfume

What are some challenges you think the next generation will face?📈

screams6’s Profile PhotoAndreea ♡
I would say it will be maintaining a balance between artificial intellect (robots) and humans as well as keeping the environment on the go.
Even now, with all these hi tech technologies we are entering a whole new era where human beings are being replaced by machines. What scares me the most is how easy we can be replaced by random machines. What's more, there is no need in so many of us if machines can do it all. By the looks of it, it's just the beginning..
Also, let's not forget about the environment which is suffering from emissions every single day. It's suffered a lot for the past 100 years so it's definitely needs some collective recovery and a boost to a new path.
Of course, it won't be easy but it's something that needs to be accomplished in order to have a future.
What are some challenges you think the next generation will face


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