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O M G how did u get verified? 😲

I got the verification badge a few years back. It required at least 1k follower, thousands of likes, no likes/follower barter on your profile.
However, I noticed to get verified is lot easier nowadays. Some of my friends were in the VIP program and they were verified with less than 1k follower.
Do try contact Askfm and try your luck 😄

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Is there any food which you haven't eaten before, that you might like to try someday? Post a picture or gif if you like😊

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After 4 months break from ASKfm and the most recent question is from you! Couldn't be happier.
Anyway, the food would be Shell Out. It's just a bunch of seafood, corn, and rice. The typical arrangement would look like the picture below. Yep, there's no plate. Food is served on large clean cover/plastic. It's communal dining.

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Is there any food which you havent eaten before that you might like to try