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Rita beauty ❤️

Last night was Epic I felt like a #chanelofficial princess! We celebrated YOUR SONG being out! I haven't released my own music for a while now and available all at the same time globally EVER. To know I could do that I literally cried about 100 times last night. I am so grateful for everything and everyone who has been involved in my life in some way to help inspire and create this record that I couldn't be prouder of. All the best friends my family all the labels I've been involved with every producer every writer, #teddysphoto for helping me provide such an amazing song and Steve Mac with your amazing production and helping to take YOUR SONG to the next level ⭐️YOUR SONG is for all who love and can't live without music, my fans who have been there from the start and to the new ones HELLO. Let's take this journey on together go on the road and just celebrate being able to be together for a few hours at a show and please please please look after each other as I will do my best to look after you with all the little power I may have but I promise to use it to my fullest potential. I hope you all love the new music. And from the bottom of my heart I thank you for letting me live my dream. I love you.

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Rita beauty

hi your pretty x

@official_page_nicki_minaj ?❤️??❤ love love love love love love love love love! Unity is more important then ever right now this fills my heart ☺️ I love this woman ?Legend ⭐️❤Oh and Thanks for letting me perform my new single AMFAR out now!!!! Available on iTunes and everywhere ❤
hi your pretty x


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