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Who seen Avengers Infinity War and what did you think of it?

Yes i saw it and thought it was a good movie. I did enjoy it and kind of figure that was going to happen at the end. Way to have a cliffhanger smh lol

Is it important to be Facebook official in a relationship?

No, i don't care to much for everyone up in my business anyway

Wats better army,marines,navy,coast guard, or air force

I'm more technical so i would probably say Air Force me

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What can you endlessly stare at?

Beauty, and a woman that has the intellect to know what she is talking about.

Do you feel me like scarlet witch and vision or Peter and Mr. Starks?

Tbh a mix of tony stark and vision

What do u do in ur spare time?

Learn new concepts, add new content on my YouTube channel, and think of a master plan to execute

What is a good app to keep my appointments so i remember them?

Google calendar that is all ready on your phone and if you have iPhone you can download google calendar or just use the calendar app on the iPhone

Do you celebrate Christmas eester Halloween Valentine's New Year's thanksgiving and bithdays

Yes I celebrate all of them besides eester. I celebrate Easter though

Do you like to be out of your comfort zone? What do you feel at that moment?

Sometimes because you get to find out something new about yourself in putting yourself in uncomfortable situations

Have you ever had cockroaches? How to get rid of them?

My first apartment smh they came out of no where. I moved to get rid of them


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