Ask @RobBobLeCornCob:

Why are girls with pure hearts always deceived?

I’m gonna redo this one because I feel like it came out too harsh last time. I’m still gonna stand by my point and say that’s a bad blanket statement to make. Life is tough at times but not always. Also, some lucky people are never deceived and that’s a lesson in life they never get to learn. The thing is that, not everybody that’s “pure” is deceived and sadly life is a coin flip at times. Not all guys are trying to deceive a girl, I’m certainly not trying and my friends aren’t either. One of the big things is this though, sometimes the self reflection we get from experiences such as these, they allow us to improve on our good character traits and drop bad ones (because the first perfect person is just a good liar).

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Should people depend on happiness that depends on other things to exist? Is there anything not dependable in this world (that doesn't depend on other things)?

That’s a question that has no answer. It’s dependent on every person and their own personal beliefs. While I might define happiness as sitting around and relaxing, others might be happy with the items they have.

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