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If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?

Kanye and Kanye

You are not black stop acting like it.

Lmfao I try not to but my friends have highly influenced my way of talking....and is it cuz I say "nigga" a lot?

Do you keep your room clean or messy?

I try to keep it clean but after a day it looks like all hell broke loose.

Should schools offer cash bonuses for good test scores?

Yeah but Durham Public School is broke...so they'd be throwing pennies at us

If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who would it be?

Hitler, Jerry Sandusky, Brian Silva, Kim Jong Un, and Based God

Tbh your pretty weird but your also pretty funny and I miss having AP gov with you

*you're haha I'm wylin thanks cuz I miss you too


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