Hello Rody. Friggin Lucho here. Do you use any product for your beard?. in that case which one? videoresponse me! if it dont bothers you. •Salud! LUCHO

I don't use anything now. When it was long I used the sailor bups beard oil and enjoyed it very much!

Can you post good pics of your pth stuff you have hung up in your basement on here or Instagram please, couldn't see them to well on periscope?

There's a couple of them for ya bud.

Didn't The Human Abstract give you their demo when they were an up and coming band?

Yea they gave us their first record at metal fest in 2006 or something. We were blown away.

Do you play Rocket League?

Yea I played for a while. I eventually grew tired of it but it was fun while it lasted.

what do you think about the human abstract?

They're dear friends of mine and a great band.

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? And what did you think of the trailer for TMNT 2?

I liked the show and movies a lot as a kid. I don't care much for the new iteration.

Did you play any sports growing up?

Hockey and baseball. I wasn't very good at either of them.

What was it like playing Mist for the first time in Newfoundland?

The first time was the best time. Magic.

will you be preforming with Abandon All Ships at their upcoming Geeving Anniversary?

I was not aware of such an anniversary!

are we close to kezia x release?

I don't think so, I heard some of the audio last night though. Sounds pretty good.

What do you think of the new leafs logo? Levi

It's okay. Nothing mind blowing happening there.

What do u think about phil Anselmo's nazi behaviour on the stage?

Pretty friggin despicable.

Hey Choad, I read somewhere that singers fart and (gasp) shart when belting out tough vocal parts on stage. Is this true?! dsf456

I can not recall a single fart on stage. I think you've been misinformed.

In Catarcat is the "This is the nightmare from which one never awakes" part your voice? Where the hell did it come from? Dylan Kowalewski

Yea that's me. I don't know I just grudges it up a bit! It was fun to sing like that.

After the 6th song is realized what will happened to the bandcamp subscription? Will it just stop? or will you guys still be posting other goodies? Emilio Montoya

It will end!

New Ask.fm sucks man, all these bullshit not-Rody questions are in my feed!

Yea I'm not enjoying this either.

I watched your interview on heavy press and I still can't get used to see you with no beard, Lol.

Yea it takes some getting use to... But it's for the best.

Do you know Sons of Butcher? It's a canadian tv series

Yea I remember that show. It was funny.

What do you think about Italy?

I like it a lot. Some of the most fun we've ever had during a live show.

Are you excited to eventually play the Pacific Myth stuff live? I know I'm excited to eventually hear you do so! Love your vocals right before Cheech's part in Cataract by the way. I've never heard you sing that low before I don't think.

Yea we want to do a support your where we just play it all and nothing else. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen.
I'm glad you like that part, yea it was cool to sing like that, I just gave it a little more rasp and it sounded kinda neat.

Have you seen the new star wars yet?

Not yet! I think I'll probably go Thursday during the day with my old man.

Lovin' Cataract! It should sustain me for a month I hope

Well it will have to! I haven't even really started the next one.

You guys planning on coming to Europe this year? :)

I can't think of the last time we skipped Europe for an entire year. So undoubtedly we will be there at some point.

So Rody who's the artist featured in Cataract? :D

It's Cheech from mandroid echostar!

Just letting you know, you guys wrote that Cataract is the third track on Pacific Myth on the bandcamp site.

I don't understand.


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